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Anh N.

Baton Rouge, LA


I can help prepare for the tests; I give extra practices to work for an A, assist in doing online and take home homework.

I have been a peer tutor for two consecutive years at the University of Houston, before moving back to Louisiana. I am currently majoring in Kinesiology, Bio minor at LSU. My emphasis is Science and Math courses. I am familiar with the content and practice of Calculus I & II; Chemistry I & II, Biology I & II and Physiology. I can narrow down the important topics to score high grades on the tests. I am able to summarize the whole course of Calculus 1 and 2 in shorter version; more focusing on the important derivatives, the reading graphs, and limits problems. I can pinpoint the important topic for tests because Biology is a lot to read and remember. If you have to take higher Bio classes, Bio 1 & 2 are the basic and actually very helpful later. As far as the results are important, my approach to teaching is guiding the tutee to find the answer independently; giving them the tools to utilize class resources and materials provided by the professor; explaining and elaborating the complex ideas with examples in daily life. I help tutees understand the subjects, work on homework, and students usually come back to ask for me again because of my guiding techniques. I provide extra explanations, examples and extra notes for students besides the professors' provided materials. With my approach, I have seen great test results from the tutees. Furthermore, they 100% memorize the materials since they understand the concepts completely. I can make that happen to you. I enjoyed working with students from different backgrounds. I am around LSU campus most of the time so Middleton library would be my best place for tutoring. I am also available during peak time like mid-term and final. So contact me for a better grade and less time studying. I have been working average 5 students per day in all listed stujects. I have students in several semesters returning. I follow up with student and receive lots of "thank you" and appreciation. I make sure students are improving their grades after my session.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday


Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College

University of Houston