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Aparna K.

Athens, GA


Science classes can be confusing and fast paced. Let me help you understand them better and improve your scores :)

Biology and Psychology double major, Honors Student, Pre Med Student. President for Undergraduate Neuroscience Organization and involved with neuroscience research on campus. I’ve tutored undergraduate student in math and science classes such as freshman Chem, principles of biology and calculus. I have TA’d Psych and Biology courses. I am patient while explaining concepts and don’t mind going over them multiple times. I present every new concept with real world examples so they are easy to understand. I look forward to helping you out. I have studied abroad and in the US so I’ve experienced a few teaching styles. This has made me pick up best practices from both experiences and that makes me a good tutor.


My schedule is pretty flexible. Any time of the day works for me.


University of Georgia

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