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Get Tutored by a Math Professor - If you're going to spend the time and money to get help, get the best possible help you can

I've been a professor of mathematics here in Gainesville for about 15 years; teaching primarily at Santa Fe College and the University of Florida. In that time I've had the pleasure of teaching students from a wide range of backgrounds; from middle school and high school students to men and women in their 50's and 60's coming back to complete a degree. I've taught the full range of classes in mathematics from basic arithmetic and algebra all the way to advanced calculus. And the one thing I've learned from almost two decades of teaching math is that *everyone* can be taught; *everyone* can learn to do math well! The best and most effective way to learn is always in a 1-on-1 situation with a teacher. Sometimes it's simply a matter of correcting a student's algebra work or filling in gaps in their knowledge. But more often it comes down to correcting a student's way of thinking and studying; or explaining the concepts and meaning behind the numbers. I take a comprehensive approach. I begin by showing them how to interpret and translate the vocabulary of math so that they can first understand what the question is asking. We should understand the ultimate goal of the problem and be working toward that goal in each step we take to solve the problem. I then guide my students in thinking through the problem; in seeing the overall strategy before carrying out the process step by step. Understanding both the meaning and process allows the student to apply the concepts to different problems. It allows them to adjust and tailor the process to each problem rather than memorizing a step-by-step procedure and trying to repeat it on every problem without thinking. There's a big difference between tutors that can come up with the answer to a problem for you and tutors that can teach you how to work out the problems yourself; how to think through the problems. If you're going to spend the time and money to get help, get the right kind of help. Contact me today and let's get started! For more information, references, or reviews, feel free to check out my Facebook page at: I offer tutoring in mathematics for all levels and subjects. I've had specific experience teaching or tutoring the following courses at Santa Fe and UF: – MAT 0018: Pre-Algebra (Developmental Math 1) – MAT 0028: Elementary Algebra (Developmental Math 2) – MAT 0022: Integrated Arithmetic and Algebra – MAT 1033: Intermediate Algebra – MAT 1032: Intermediate Algebra Part 1 – MAT 1034: Intermediate Algebra Part 2 – MAT 4930: Intro to Algebra 1 – MAT 4930: Algebra 1 – MAC 1105: College Algebra – MAC 1114: Trigonometry/Geometry – MAC 1140: Pre-Calculus – MAC 1147: Pre-Calculus Algebra and Trigonometry – MAC 2233: Survey of Calculus – MAC 2234: Survey of Calculus 2 – MAC 2311: Calculus I – STA 2023: Introduction to Statistics – MGF 1100: Math Readiness – MGF 1106: Topics in Mathematics – MGF 1107: Contemporary Mathematics


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