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Adaobi U.

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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry with 100th Percentile Score on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)

I am a University of Florida graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry. I have experience tutoring in general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, biology, and MCAT prep. I have been an undergraduate teaching assistant in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Florida. I have also tutored in all of the sections of the MCAT through an MCAT test prep company. Throughout my three years as a tutor I have helped many students gain a fuller understanding of the principles that underlie complex chemistry concepts and mechanisms. I make sure to break down concepts into their smaller components and take into account each student's unique learning style and science background. I scored in the 100th percentile on the MCAT when I took it in September of 2015 with a score of 131 in each section. I am now living in Baltimore, MD and am only available for online sessions.


Monday's through Friday's from 12 PM to 6 PM


University of Florida

Florida State University

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