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Hello! I can help you with your statistics & research method courses. I love learning; I hope to help you love learning too!


I am currently a senior studying psychology with a minor in statistics with a 3.98 GPA (The lowest grade I earned is an A-). I really enjoy research and statistics; I am currently a lab manager in a psychology research lab. So, if you need help with gettIng involved in undergraduate research, please let me know! My honors thesis is a 1-year RCT (don’t know what that is, but is taking a research methods class? Let me help you!). I also hace substantial statistical programing knowledge (i.e. SPSS, STATA, SAS). I have previously TA-ed for Statistical Methods in Psychology, peer mentored for various courses/ programs, and is currently tutoring students with an intellectual disability. I am able to simplify complicated concepts in order to help you succeed. I look forward to helping you with your course! In high school, I done weekly tutoring with National Honor Society. In college, I was previously a TA for Statistical Methods in Psychology for two semesters. I am currently a tutor for students with an intellectual disability. Apart from tutoring, I am the treasurer for Psi Chi (Honor Society for Psychology), a Lab Manager for a psychology research lab, and Vice President/founding member for Access at UCF. I was also a Resident Assistant for 2 years, so I have excellent skills In mentoring (I was nominated for Resident Assistant Of The Year 2018). I am able to simplify complicated concepts that will make it easier for you to understand. I am excited about learning and teaching, so I do not think I will bore you with more mundane concepts. Learning is exciting and fun and I hope I can make it exciting and fun for you ☺️


M before 12 or after 5:30pm, T after 5:30, W 3-5pm, Th 12-3pm or after 4:20pm, F before 1pm or after 2pm.

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