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Beatriz M.


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PhD student of Oceanography. 3.9 GPA. 5 years of tutoring experience and helping in some classes as a teaching assistant


Hi! I'm a graduate student in Oceanography and I have a 3.9 GPA. I am from Colombia and I'm studying my PhD with a Fulbright scholarship. I love to meet new cultures, learn new languages and help people. I have been tutoring since my master, five years ago. I have experience in tutoring groups and individuals, undergrad or grad students. Recently I have been tutoring GEO1330, ESC1000, EVR1001, GEO4251 among others. I have learned to explain in a easy way concepts and specific topics using conceptual maps, images and videos. I would like to help you, so send me a request or a message if you're interested. I am learning new things all time, so I know that what you need to know or understand is something I can help with.


Monday and Friday from 10-11 am. Wednesday from 10-1 pm

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Florida State University

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