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Ben W.

Stillwater, OKAvailable Online


I am a grad student in the Statistics department, and I like to help people when I can.

-Taught STAT 2013, currently TA'ing for 2023 and 4013, and tutoring 5013. I also work in the SLIC, the stats tutoring lab during the week. -2nd semester MS student in stats -Bachelor's of Science degree in Mathematics I have been tutoring/teaching for almost two years now. Before teaching a stat class and tutoring on the side, I tutored Calculus II, III, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra at OKState's MLSC in the library. I like energy drinks and liquor, sometimes at the same time


I dont have anything: MWF: 11AM-5:30PM T:2PM-7PM R:11AM-7PM Sat, Sun: anytime past 11AM


Oklahoma State University

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