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Ben M.

Minneapolis, MN


Future Spanish and ESL educator. Major in Linguistics and Spanish, minor in TESL. Student-Teaching experience, love language!

GPA: 3.91 3.91 GPA, student teaching experience in Spanish, Dean’s list 2017-2018, awarded Certificate of Excellence in German. Grammar and pronunciation are my specialties in German and Spanish. I have traveled abroad in Chile and Cuba, and plan to return to Chile in the Spring of 2020. I also love to bake, so if you pass your finals I can make you some macarons!


Mon: 2-5, 8-10 Tues: 2:30-5:30 Wed: 2-10 Thurs: Not Available Fri: 11:30-1:00, 4:30-6 Sat: 3-6 Sun: 1-5


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities