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Brian F.

Hey! I'm Brian and I believe tutoring is a great way to learn, for everyone involved. So let's get learning!


I'm a freshman in mechanical engineering. I don't yet have a college GPA but I took 10 AP classes and got 5's on all but 2, which were 4's. Additionally I have taken and succeeded in calc classes through multivariable (234). I'm new to college tutoring but I have experinece tutoring through my high school's NHS, of which I was both a member and president. Also I worked as a summer camp councilor for 4-11 year olds, so I can promise you I'll have the necessary patience. I believe that my job as a tutor is to get the ball rolling, not just provide solutions.


Sunday: 9am-3pm; 7pm-10pm Tuesday: 7:30 pm-10 pm Wednesday: 4 pm- 9pm Thursday: 8-10 pm Friday: 12 pm- 4 pm

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University of Wisconsin-Madison