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Bianca O.

Las Vegas, NV


Have tutored many students in the past. Am fluent in Spanish and am great at helping out with math. 4.0 gpa.

Hello, I’m a junior on the deans list with a 4.0 gpa. I’m a film major with aspirations to be a director and editor. I also want to learn at least two more languages. I also really enjoy helping other suceeed. I started tutoring years ago and really enjoy helping others. I’ve tutored people of all ages really. I know how to simplify things to make it easier to grasp and will provide any other worksheets to help practice mastering the subject. I have a love for languages and am currently on my way to becoming fluent in a third. I’ve played several different sports in the past and played the violin for four years.


Wednesday after 2pm. Saturday after 4pm. Sunday all day.


University of Nevada-Las Vegas