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Breann B.

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Applied Sociology and Pre-Health major, 3.9 GPA, honors student, dean's list, national society of collegiate scholars

Hi, I'm Bre and I'm currently a sophomore at OSU, but I plan to graduate a year early so I'll be a junior by spring! I have a 3.9 GPA and am majoring in Applied sociology and Pre-Health for nursing school! I have a strong passion for helping others. I'm a dedicated honors student, and I am also on the Dean's List, President's Honor Roll and in the National Society for Collegiate Scholars. I know college can be difficult, so I'm here to help! I have been a Chegg tutor for approx. a year, but I'm looking for more opportunities to tutor! I also have done a volunteer mentorship at the Stillwater Middle School, helping students in their classes by explaining concepts and trying to communicate the material efficiently. What makes me unique? Well, I'm not only stressing my way through college, I'm also getting married next year and trying to currently buy a home so I understand the magnitude of stress!


my classes are usually during the afternoon, but I always have my phone on me and have breaks in between. I am also free every single evening after 5:20


Oklahoma State University

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