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Brooke E.

I have been paid for tutoring since I was 13 in math. I TA’d for physics 1 and 2. I am currently a tutor at mathnasium.


I am a math and physics double major. I am a national merit scholar, can tutor math, physics, and SAT/ACT prep. I was the president for the society of physics students. I took a class in how to teach physics and teach in general. I worked as a TA volunteered on the physics help room am two classes from math degree and three labs from physics degree. I also work at mathnasium teaching basic math to calculus. I have 9 years of tutoring experience. 3 years non-private, business run tutoring. I tutored physics in a help room, math privately, and at the local mathnasium. I love teaching. I aspire to be a professor. I also love MMA, lifting, knitting, and video games.


Any day until 1:30pm and Friday/Saturday all day.

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Florida Institute of Technology

University of Central Florida