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Bryce H.

Las Vegas, NV


3.98 Biochemistry major. Accepted to Chemical Biology PhD program at University of Utah. Happy to help with chem/bio classes.

I’m in my final semester of studying Biochemistry and I have a 3.98 GPA. I have 1 year of research experience in a biochemistry lab, where I’ve had the opportunity to carry out a project independently. On the GRE, I scored 88th percentile for verbal section and 87th for the math section. I’m working towards a career in the pharmaceutical industry, where I hope to contribute to the development of a novel drug. I’m specifically interested in studying the mechanisms and possible therapeutics of neurodegenerative diseases. After I graduate, I will be attending graduate school to obtain a PhD in Chemical Biology as my next step towards my career goals. I like to play the drums and the guitar. I also like going on hikes and playing soccer and tennis.


Any time any day


University of Nevada-Las Vegas