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Carl R.

Milwaukee, WI


I tutor high school kids, and I’ve got more to give! Fluent in Spanish, have always been good at English and helping others.

Spanish/Communication Double Major, C1/C2 (operationally fluent) level of Spanish, 3.6 cumulative GPA, A‘s in all Spanish, English and History classes. I currently work as an Upward Bound tutor for high school kids, and I was an RA at my last college (UW Marathon County) where I often helped my residents with papers, assignments, and really anything I could. I have a red round stuffed hawk named Cliff and you can squeeze or throw him if you get frustrated.


I’m available at pretty much whatever time works best on weekends, as well as 1-5 on Mon/Wed, and any time on Tues/Thur besides 2-3:15. If for some reason none of those work for you, message me anyways and maybe we can figure something out.


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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