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Brooke W.

I am a dedicated student on a journey to medical school so I take my classes and study time very seriously.


I am a Biology major so being good at biology is obviously an important factor for me. I am a Senior credit wise but a Sophomore degree wise, regardless I’ve been in college a while. I have a 3.78 transfer GPA and a 4.0 FGCU GPA. I plan on going to medical school after I graduate in 2020, so, understanding and doing good is my #1 goal! I also received the presidential award this past semester. I have tutored several of my classmates throughout my years in college. This includes math classes bio 1 bio 2 and currently chemistry 1. I am a student that will go through whatever studying it takes to end my semester with all A’s. I am not one of those students that can show up to a test barely prepared and do ok. I am the type of student that has to struggle to receive a good grade.


For the rest of this semester I am available Monday 3pm-6pm Tuesday 9am-1pm and 3pm-5pm and on Thursday 3pm-6pm. If need be and I do not have a test I would be willing to meet Monday, Wednesday, or Friday morning 7am-10am

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Florida Gulf Coast University