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Camille P.

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Biochem senior @ND, scored top 2% on MCAT and accepted to med schools; ready to help out on all sections and w/ strategy!

Hey guys! I’m excited to tutor and share how I self-studied for the MCAT. I took the test June 2018, and was really happy to score in the top 2% overall, and in the top 1% for two sections. I feel that a big part of my studying was figuring out what kinds of strategies and techniques worked for me, so I’m hoping I can help others find what works for them. Whether you are taking the test this spring or in a year I’d love to work with you! As far as the results of my test go, I’ve been on 10 med school interviews so far and have a few acceptances, and I feel that a strong MCAT definitely helped me achieve my goals! I’m Canadian originally but going to med school in the States☺️


We would work things out between our schedules


University of Notre Dame

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