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Camille C.

Biology major. 4.0 GPA, President's Scholarship, Dean's list. Love to help people and good at improving understanding.


Hi there! I'm a first-year student at the U, and I'm academically a sophomore. I'm a Premed student, and my major is Biology BS with Anatomy and Physiology emphasis. I graduated valedictorian from high school and scored a 35 on the ACT. I'm hoping to eventually go to med school to become a pediatric heart surgeon. I love to help people and I'm really good at explaining concepts in easy-to-understand ways. I still have my notes from all of my classes, and I'm happy to bring those along! Shoot me a message and let's get to it! I tutored math and science in high school, and proofread dozens of papers to help students score better on writing assignments. I WILL proofread papers! I've been helping people around me (and even my RA!) with chemistry and math lately, and I've become very good at helping them grasp and apply concepts. I write poetry and stories for fun. I love learning and sharing knowledge. I'm a people person and get along with pretty much everyone!


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