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Carter H.

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Tallahassee, FL


I am a Chemistry Major at Florida State and a part of the FSUteach program so I have the qualifications making sure you pass

Passed Calculus 1 at FSU with an A also passed General Chemistry 1 with an A my GPA is an 3.12 and i am a junior in my both of my programs at fsu I have been tutoring since sophomore year in high school and everyone I have tutored had passed there class with at least a C or higher and as long as you work hard and show me that you're trying then I'm willing to do anything to help you pass I am in the FSU-teach program and it is one of the top rated teacher training programs in the national do not only can I adapt to your need as a student I can find the best way/ways to make sure you not only understand the material but that you can apply it with out even thinking about it


My availability it ever changing but I am open at least 20 hours a week to tutor and I am willing to meet late at night if need just contact me through text and I will get back to you with the best time that works for me and we will make it work


Florida State University