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Cathy L.

State College, PA


Senior Biomedical Engineering major who loves chem, bio, and science in general. Would love to help out some more students!

Hey! I’m a huge science geek with a 3.7 GPA and plan to become a doctor someday. I love research as well—discovering new knowledge and figuring out one step at a time how the world works. There’s nothing more rewarding to me than being a part of seeing someone succeed and being a part of it. I love bio, chem, physics, and am super good at math (boring as it is)! Shoot me a message and I would be thrilled to help you reach your goals :) I’ve been tutoring since fall 2017, and have discovered many ways to connect with all different types of learners. I worked in a research lab for two years and had a clinical research internship last summer, so the scientific method is nothing new to me. I’m looking to branch out from just chem and help kids out with physics and math, but am happy to help with any science subject! Reach out to me if you’re struggling with orgo, calc, bio, and just need some extra explaining or practice doing problems! I’m a senior and can’t believe I’m leaving this place. I want to make these last few months count and would love to help some kids succeed :)


Monday’s and Wednesday’s after 9:30, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s between 1:30 and 3 and after 6, and Sunday’s any time.


Pennsylvania State University