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Christopher C.

Gainesville, FL


I earned a 5 on the AP Calculus AB exam having not studied a minute. I’ll ensure that you’ll never worry about calculus.

5 on multiple AP exams (e.g. Calculus AB, Human Geography, APUSH, Government, Macroeconomics, etc.) 1460 SAT, 32 ACT, 3.8 GPA (high school), Nationally Recognized Latin Scholar I have no formal tutoring experience, however my peers consistently seek my help and often say that my sympathetic style encourages them to continue to improve their understandings. My formal work experience includes an internship with TD Sunshine Property Management, a position entailing file sorting and processing of payments from condominium associations. I am devoutly confident in my desire and ability to assist others in all intellectual endeavors. I find most disenchantment with education to stem not from a lack of understanding, but from a lack of personalized approaches. I seek to harness the unique mental approaches of all students and thereby cultivate the greatest possible intellectual gain with the utmost efficiency.


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