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Caitlin K.

PhD level chemist with 5 years tutoring experience in organic chemistry.


Hi! I have a BS in both Chemistry and Biology (both U of Saint Joseph), a MS in Medicinal Chemistry (U of Kansas), & I'm a current PhD student (Notre Dame). I'm an awarded and published synthetic organic chemist- let me help you out!! My thesis focuses on the design and synthesis of novel organic compounds that have therapeutic relevance, under the director of the new Warren Family Center. I have done cancer-focused research for 7 years now, and consider myself an expert in organic chemistry. In undergrad and through my masters, I was an appointed peer tutor/TA in organic chemistry for 5 years. I have tutored one-on-one, large groups and even lectured in place of professors. While I have not taken organic chemistry at Notre Dame, I can provide high quality assistance through all levels of organic chemistry.


Evenings and weekends, prefer to meet on campus. I can make just about anything work ?

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