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Camille N.

PhD level biologist who loves to help students succeed! Over 10 years experience teaching college students.


Hi. I’m a microbiology professor with over 10 years teaching experience. I earned my PhD in 2011 and have been teaching full-time since then. I love working with students and am on campus a lot because I am pursuing a second PhD. My schedule is usually pretty flexible and I’m definitely available for late nights before you exam. I tutored biology and chemistry while pursuing my BS in Biology. After that I started TAing and once I graduated I began teaching full-time at the college level. I know what it’s like to be a busy college student and I know how important your classes are to you. I will always try to help you find ways to maximize your study time so you can do well on your exams.


I’m very flexible. Message me to see when we can find a time to meet. We can even set up a Skype/FaceTime meeting or work online If that’s best for you!

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University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Nevada State College

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