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I can help with both schooling and everyday life. In your time here it is important to have a good mentor and a good friend.

I'm currently in my sophomore year as a Civil and Environmental Engineering major. I made the Dean's list my first year as a chemistry major. I am well-rounded and I am very knowledgeable in many topics. Making friends and being personable with people is a huge factor into why I want to tutor. I am flexible with timing and I am adaptable to most situations. Contact me any time and I will show you how to make school an enjoyable experience. Back in high school there was a tutoring program that I was part of. I tutored a girl named Leanne for half a year. She struggled in math. I gave her ways to simplify the complex problems. I often used analogies and real world examples for her to easier understand the subject matter. I also work in a family landscaping business at home. Though landscaping is more physical than tutoring, the work ethic and real world skills are on par. I am a musician at heart. I write, listen, and play music daily! I am in the marching band here and I march drum corps in the summer. Music helps me use a different side of the brain. I am also a member of CRU on campus. This is a Christian ministry that I devote a lot of my time and effort to. To close, I was given a unique set of skills in the way I interact with people. My goal everyday is to be the best thing that happened to someone's day!


Monday's, Tuesday's, Thursday's, Friday's 2:30-4 pm. Monday's, Wednesday's, Thursday's, Friday's 7 pm-12am. Monday's, Wednesday's 6am-11am. Some Saturdays. Some Sunday afternoons.


University of Massachusetts-Amherst

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