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Taylor S.

Honors student on the Dean's list majoring in Biomedical Science. Can tutor biology and math up to Calculus 1.


Hello! I am a Biomedical Science Major on the Dean's list who is aspiring to one day be a doctor. I love science, especially anything related to biology. I also have a knack for math and would love to offer a hand at challenging topics. Send me a message and we can get started! I did some private tutoring last year, and am currently a tutor on, where I assist in a variety of topics. I'm always eager to help students out, so send me a chat and we can get started! I come from a huge family of ten people. I am the oldest of eight kids!


I am usually available after 6 on Mondays, 3-7 on Tuesdays, 1-7 Wednesdays and Thursdays, after 12 on Fridays, and all day on Saturdays.

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University of Houston