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Carl P.

Madison, WI


My name is Carl. I try to make learning relevant and fun. I won’t make you feel stupid because you don’t know it. MN nice!

Junior in Biomedical Engineering. 3.6 GPA. I’ve gotten an A on 75% of my finals. Proficient in STEM classes. Love O-Chem and Bio. I’m did a Co-Op with Freudenberg Medical in the fall of 2017 as a product developer creating different medical devices. I’ve tutored my friends with their classes and they have said I’ve been a lot of help. I love camping. And when I say camping I don’t mean in a tent or RV. REAL camping! I’m very outdoorsy


Mon, Thur: Anytime after 6pm. Wed: Anytime after 1pm. Friday: Anytime after 2pm. Most weekends


University of Wisconsin-Madison