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Cristina M.

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Gainesville, FL


I've been tutoring for 5 years. I was a TA, and now I SI for Dr. Korolev.

Hello! My name is Cristina, and I am studying at the University of Florida. I'm a zoology major on the pre-vet track, so I've recently seen most college Gen Ed science courses including Biology 1 and 2, General Chemistry 1 and 2, Organic Chemistry 1 and 2, Physics 1, and Biochemistry. I have managed to do very well in my coursework, and I have received the Dean's award every semester since I started attending UF. When it comes to tutoring, I mainly focus on General Chemistry. I've loved Gen Chem since I took AP Chem in high school, and I've tutored over 100 hours on the subject. I was a TA for Dr. Korolev for Gen Chem 2, and through TA-ing, I've found various techniques to help students understand difficult concepts. I dedicate myself to everything I do, whether it be tutoring, passing my classes, or just conversing with friends. Other than school, I volunteer at an animal hospital, a horse farm, and my local humane society. I am a member of the UF Quiz Bowl team and I'm the president of The Belly Gators at UF, a belly dancing club. My favorite book series is Harry Potter, and my favorite TV shows are: Game of Thrones, Jessica Jones, Friends, and The Big Bang Theory. I love horseback riding, traveling, and just getting to know more people.


I'm available on Thursdays, Friday's, and the weekend.


University of Florida

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