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Cydni D.

Tuscaloosa, AL


Senior bio major and anthro minor. Can help with most bio/anthro subjects but I’m more comfortable in cell bio and genetics.

Hey! I’m a senior majoring in biology and minoring in anthropology. I am also on the pre-med track aspiring to become a pediatrician. I volunteer at DCH once a week, I do research with the Alabama Research Institute on Aging, and I am also apart of Project Health. I love to help others and show different ways on how to make things easier. I’m good at coming up with different study techniques that work and help get that A. I’m always glad to help other students out so message me and will get to work! I’m from Lubbock, Texas, I love The Office and I’m always in the mood for some chips and queso.


I am mostly available everyday in the afternoon!


The University of Alabama