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Drew L.

Ithaca, NY


Chemical engineering major, 3.5 GPA. 3 years tutoring experience. Can tutor general/orgo/p chem, maths, and ChemE courses.

Hey! I’m a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering with a minor in sustainable energy. I have a 3.5 GPA & have been on Dean’s List. I love helping people understand, improve on, and enjoy their coursework. I’ve tutored in math before and taught chemistry and physics this past summer, so I have a knack for figuring out the best way to simplify concepts to help them make sense for my students. I’ve loved all my math & science courses & performed very well in them, & would be happy to tutor you in any subject I listed. Just send me a message so we can set up a time to meet! Private math tutor for 2 years, teaching calculus and SAT prep materials. Chemistry and physics teacher this past summer, where I created lesson plans & projects for my students to understand fundamental concepts in simplified terms. As an experienced teacher, I can help you to understand the best ways to break down and learn new concepts, and improve performance in class! I’m always looking to help new students, so send me a message if you’re interested. Hope to hear from you soon! I’m a lead on my project team, Cornell Concrete Canoe, and I get to spend my fall semester creating over 50 different mixtures of concrete to make one that is strong enough to carry 4 people, workable enough to be molded into a canoe, and light enough to be able to float in water with those 4’s a lot of fun :)


Monday & Wednesday afternoons/evenings, Tuesday & Thursday evenings, Saturday afternoons.


Cornell University