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Danielle A.

Burlington, VT


Molecular Genetics major and Chem minor, with prior chemical engineering experience. 3 years previous tutoring experience.

Hello! I am a sophomore Molecular Genetics major with a Chemistry minor. I have prior engineering experience and spent 3 semesters taking physics, math, and engineering courses. I have completed a summer research internship in computational biophysics. I spent 3 years in high school tutoring in chemistry and math, and spent 3 semesters as a part of Society of Women Engineers doing STEM related community outreach. Private AP chemistry tutor for 3 years. Research and internship experience so I can self teach material that is not as recent for me. I am good at breaking down material in new ways and can explain topics from several perspectives. I studied chemical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for 3 semesters before coming to UVM to study molecular genetics and chemistry.


I am available evenings/nights Tuesday-Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.


University of Vermont

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