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Eleni T.

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Tallahassee, FL


International Affairs major, have an Associate's of Arts degree. Have teaching experience in multiple fields.

Hey there! I have made an A- or above in all of my government classes, as well Bio 1 (baby bio) and all my math and English classes! I also have teaching experience and have worked as a substitute teacher, so I hope I can help you! I have not tutored before, but I do have experience teaching through actual experience in the classroom and taking education courses. I scored highly in the courses I would like to tutor, and have worked with a multitude of students in the classroom. I hope I can help you! I am originally from Texas and have travelled to Taiwan and Japan!


Tuesday/Thursday: 2pm-5pm, Friday: 5:30-11pm Weekends: anytime before 10pm. PLEASE MESSAGE ME BEFORE SCHEDULING A SESSION. I WILL DECLINE IT OTHERWISE.


Florida State University

Tallahassee Community College

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