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Dezert K.

Reno, NV


You make an offer ($/hr)! Sophomore, Civil ENGR major. GPA 3.7, Aced all MATH and PHYS. Tutored for 3 years!

Hello, I am currently a Sophomore at UNR studying Civil Engineering. My average GPA is a 3.766. I love and strive to learn more mathematics and physics. I also really enjoy learning in general. My latest job was working for the Nevada Department of Transportation during the summer as an intern. It is also note worthy that I have earned A’s on all of my mathematics tests, AND I still have my notes, tests, and study guides for all of the selected courses! I was a math tutor in highscool for 3 years, and I’ve continued to help others (mostly my friends) during college. I figured I’d help others and provide the best knowledge to them (and advice) for their courses in order for them to succeed and learn for their future. I can tutor Algebra (and trig) through calculus III (I received A’s on all of my test). If you have a physics question too, please don’t hesitate. I also have all of my tests, notes, and study guides for most of the selected courses. Not only do I enjoy math and science but I also enjoy the outdoors! It’s a great exercise and a healthy break for the hard working brain.


Friday’s anytime after 1:30 pm, and Weekends are very flexible!


University of Nevada-Reno