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Deep P.

Valrico, FL


Bio major on the Deans List. I was TA for biochem and have tutored other courses. Huge passion to help others!

Hey! I'm a Bio major on the Premed track. I enjoy helping other people and loved being a TA for Biochemisty. I finished all my necessary courses for applying to Medical School and have successfully taken my MCAT! I really hope I can be of assistant to you! Can't wait to hear from you! I have been tutoring kids since high school and have officially been a tutor as an SI leader with Biochemistry. Through tutoring I have been able to simplify major topics to make it easier to understand for others! I enjoy using analogies to make topics easier to understand! I cannot wait to help new people with difficult topics! I enjoy traveling to new and exotic places! I also enjoy sports and discussion anything NBA! My main hobby is doing crazy adventurous activity to get an adrenaline rush!


Available always


University of Florida

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