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Devonte P.

Ithaca, NY


Soph. Comm Major/Film Minor. Won a couple speech contests my first year. I could help you speak better than Morgan Freeman.

Hey! I’m a sophomore communication major. Competed in two contest and won, rare for a freshman. So rare that the director of communication personally wants me to be a Teacher assistant for her. Aced Oral Comm. I also do side work in graphic design, creating logos and flyers for different orgs. Hoping to go into the field of advertisement and commercials. First- Gen Student


Monday - 3:00pm - 10pm (depends if I’m scheduled for work) Tuesday - 8:00pm -10pm Wednesday - 5:00pm - 10pm Thursday - 4:00pm - 10pm Sunday - 2:00pm - 10pm (depends if I’m scheduled for work)


Cornell University

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