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Dylan D.

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Athens, OH


Applied Math & Computer Engineering double major. President of the Engineering honors society. I love teaching & learning!

Hi! I’m a fifth year senior studying applied mathematics and computer engineering. I have worked at the NASA Glenn Research Center (9 months), Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (3 months) and Ohio University as a TA for calculus II. I have one year of expericence being a tutor for pre-calculus, calculus I and calculus II. During the school year I am involved in: the Presidental Leadership Society, learning community leader, Engineering Mathematics Peer-Leader, president of the Engineering honors society (TBP tutor) and a member of the Rocket Design and Engineering Team. I am currently planning on pursuing my PhD in applied mathematics so I can teach math in college! woo! I’m passionate about learning and I hope that I can help you find the joy of solving problems! Tutor for pre-calculus, calculus I and calculus II (1 year), tutor for 7th/8th grade math (4 months) I’m not necessarily the smartest person but I’ve learned how to become a good student and effective problem solver... and I think it’s worked out pretty well!


Monday/Wednesday/Friday’s 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM and by request!


Ohio University

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