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Eero H.

Manhattan, KS


Hey! I'm an Electrical Engineer who enjoys math, electronics, and programs. I am always happy to provide help to others!

Hello! I have had some previous experience in tutoring with helping my younger and older siblings with various math courses. Thus, I know what it is like to tutor, and I've found that it is something I enjoy. I really enjoy helping others learn and understand. I am also a TA for ECE 210. Currently I have a perfect 4.0 GPA in electrical engineering, and my goal is to keep it that way. To accomplish that, I always make sure I fully understand the material I'm taught. A great way to do that is to help others understand it too. I am a leader of a robotics team on campus. We are making a 15 pound battle robot to fight other robots! Also, I play finger-style guitar!


I am usually available 3pm - 5pm Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I am also available between classes 10am - 3pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These time may not always be free, but I will try my best.


Kansas State University