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Emma F.

I loved taking these classes and helped my friends with them! I would love to help you learn and enjoy the information too!


My name is Emma, I’m a junior studying Operations and Technology Management, Supply chain, and Sustainably at UW Madison. I’ve averaged at 3.80 in these classes. I loved taking them and helped a lot of other people in my class while taking them. I’ve been a tutor the past 5 years and taught in Spain for a summer as well. I’ve also participated and placed in 4 case competitions and am a director for the largest charity event in Wisconsin! I’ve been tutoring for 5 years and each of my students have improved by at least one letter grade with my help. I taught for 3 months, this past summer abroad, which gave me new techniques for tutoring. Additionally, I have had internships and placed in case competitions in these subjects. I love environmental protection and am in business so I can make a realistic difference in the environment. I am a very positive and empathetic person which can really help when working with difficult subjects. Also, I was a director this year and participated the past 2 years in Humorology, which is the largest charity event in Wisconsin, where teams compete to create and perform a humorous mini musical and raise money for a local kids charity.


9am-3pm Monday’s 3pm-7pm Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 9am-11am Wednesday’s 10am-6pm Friday’s-Sunday’s

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