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Ethan H.

Tuscaloosa, AL


I am applying for graduate school next semester for mathematics as an undergraduate freshman. I can help you with math!

Mathematics Major (soon to be grad student), Randall Research Minor, possible Computer Science Minor. Some of my high school achievements (this is my first year of college, forgive me): valedictorian of graduating class, 5’s on 12 AP exams, 36 ACT superscore, 1570 SAT score (new system), tutoring experience with both elementary school children (as a service project) and with high school students (with a private company). I will be applying for graduate studies in Mathematics next semester; I am also on the STEM Path to MBA. 3 years elementary school tutoring; 3 years tutoring high school students; I also help my sister with her math homework! I am involved with STEAM tutoring for UP Elementary school currently, and I am an online tutor for Chegg. I love swimming, cool weather, books (of literally any variety), video games, origami, meeting new people, food, tennis shoes, roller skating, lofi music, etc


Weekends: I am free all the time (I have no life). Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: free after 4, with occasional exceptions.


The University of Alabama