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Emily L.

Boca Raton, FL


Early Childhood Education major with a minor in Elementary Education. 4.0 GPA, received all A’s in classes.

Hey! I’m a sophomore, majoring in Early Childhood Education and a minor in Elementary Education. I have a 4.0GPA, on the Dean‘s List, and have previous experience in tutoring. After I graduate I plan on becoming an international teacher to teach all over the world. I love to teach and seeing the expression on people’s faces when they understand what is being taught. Aside from education classes I love biology and chemistry classes. I have tutoring experience in the fields of basic chemistry, biology, English, and education classes are my specialty. I have learned through my Education major how to teaching many different students with their own unique learning styles. I was born and raised in the Bahamas and attended an international school my whole life. I am a transfer student from a Veterinary school in Massachusetts before realising my call for teaching. There is also a long list of teachers in my family and following this path feels natural. I love to teach students from any age range.


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Lynn University