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Erica S.

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Las Vegas, NV


Mechanical Engineering major. 3.5 GPA. Can tutor math courses up to Calc 3 and more. Get those math classes outta the way!

Hey! I'm one of the few girls you'll see walking through TBE all the time. I'm a mechanical engineering major with currently a 3.5 GPA. Only a sophomore but almost done with my math requirements with A's in everything up to Calculus 3! Currently not working, but starting my hunt for an internship! I'm involved in the Ewalu (Hawaii) club and Society of Women Engineers. Math has always been my thing but I know it's just not for everyone so I'm here to help! I'm also always on campus! I've tutored Spanish and Math all throughout high school. Realizing that I had a knack for learning and re-teaching math and I'm finally coming back to it! I work with numbers better than anything else!


MW 3-8p, T 5-8p, Th 2-8p, F 12-6p, SatSun 12-9p


University of Nevada-Las Vegas

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