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Evans Z.

Malden, MA


Its a free service, lets try to work the problem out together. I would love to help

I’m a senior CS major focus on Software Engineering, I have a 3.36 GPA and will be graduating in May 2018. I have interned at Liberty Mutual, State Street, Kinto and Mountain Gap Solution as a software engineer intern. I have tutored at the Tuft medical center for kids that struggle with their homework assignments for about a year. I started interning since sophomore year in college. I have already had four internships in the past 3 year. I’m free. I just want to get some experiences and help people who are in need because I was once in their shoes, I understand how difficult it is sometimes when you have no where to go for help


I’m on campus almost every weekday from 9 to 6.


University of Massachusetts-Amherst