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Elizabeth W.

Forensic science and Premed major. On the Dean's list. 2 years of tutoring experience. Biology is my passion.


Hi! I'm a Forensic science major with a concentration in Pre-medicine. Deans list (3.83 GPA), and have aced all of my science classes. I hope to eventually open a surgical clinic in a rural area, to keep people from having to drive forever to get care. I have worked as an EMT on an ambulance and in the emergency room. I love biology and I would love to help you to understand it too. If youre having trouble, message me, and we will get started. 2 years of private tutoring experience as well as group tutoring with some friends. I will break the concepts and information down into bite sized pieces to help you totally understand the big picture. I love to help others so shoot me a request or message and we can get started. I coach a high school club womens lacrosee team. They keep me in shape and I make them better at my favorite sport.


I am available Mon, Wed, Fri from 8-10am and from 7-11pm. Tue, Thu from 8-11am and from 6-11pm.

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Middle Tennessee State University