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Foula M.

Milwaukee, WI


Double major in Physics and Math. 3.6 GPA. Strong skills in calculus and algebra.

Currently a junior. Math major as well as physics with astronomy emphasis. Have taken a stars and galaxies course, solar systems course along with an advanced astronomy course that included physics. Aced all of the calculus courses as well as college algebra. Received a B+ in calculus based physics I & II and an A in physics lab I. Have previously volunteered at the Adler Planetarium where I helped visitors learn basic physical concepts. My interests lie primarily in cosmology, the study of the structure and ultimate fate of the universe. Moreover, I frequently research up on quantum field theory and theories of what dark matter and dark energy could be.


Fairly flexible, I do have another job with a slightly erratic schedule so I will try to work with your schedule.


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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