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Emily S.

Gainesville, FL


I have spent the past three years learning patterns to help aspiring linguists and Arabic speakers. Let's beat the system!

I am a junior Linguistics and Dual Language major focusing on Arabic and Hebrew with a TESL certificate. I have a 3.86 and am one of the top students in the linguistics department. Not only do I know these subjects inside and out, I know the professors and the courses well too. If you are struggling with Arabic verb patterns, phonological rules for Sounds of the Human Language, or just need someone to edit and revise your English paper, I'm your girl! I have been teaching and tutoring for the past three years. I teach English to international students and as a result have a deep understanding of English grammar. I regularly lead group study sessions for linguistics and Arabic and have helped classmates with their homework assignments and research papers since my freshman year. I absolutely love cooking. If you ever want to study over a home-cooked meal, definitely seek me out!


M-F after 2pm


University of Florida

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