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Scott B.

Cumming, GA


I love Swati. I love accounting. Final grade in 2101 spring 2016 was 100.76. Accounting entrance exam (based on 2101): 47/50.

ACCT 2101 w/ Swati is my soul mate and the only thing I tutor. I am tutoring all my friends this semester so feel free to join the "fun." 100.76 course grade in 2101. 47/50 on accounting entrance exam based on 2101. Overall GPA 3.96 (thanks for the A- comm 1500.) I have thorough course notes and I have a background in tutoring and public speaking so I can explain things well. I've never understood any course better than this one and I am happy to tailor sessions to your specific needs! I also have practical work experience as a cash auditor for Islands Mgmt. Co.


MWF: 1:20 pm to 8pm Tu/Thurs: 9 am to 12:20 pm / 5 pm to 8 pm


University of Georgia