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Reema G.

Lawrenceville, GA


Senior chem major with 3.87 gpa in chemistry. Have been in the president's list.

I used to tutor in my medical college in India. Here I would like to do the same in chemistry, that's my major, I am currently in my senior year and would like to help my peers with my 3.87 gpa in chemistry. I have also done my research in chemistry at Georgia state university. I am very comfortable in solving general chemistry problems and have all A's in my chemistry courses, so shoot me an email if you need help, as I am very eager to do so. Tutored my peers in my med school for about a year and have done paid internship in chemistry at Georgia state university. My ability to solve a problems in many different ways.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday- after 5 , Tuesday's and Thursday's any time except from 3-6.


University of Georgia