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Ryan R.

Wake Forest, NC


Geology is my deal, so if it is not yours or your looking for a GPA boost, I am happy to help get you there.

My name is Ryan I am currently a geology major in my senior year. My GPA is at a 3.1 overall and 3.4 for earth science. I really enjoy earth science topics and the classes that I tutor, are classes in which I have scored a 89% or above. Feel confident that I can and will enjoy helping you! As active duty military for 14 years, I have been in an instructor role numerous times. To include time as us special operations instructor. Here at school I have tutored other students in Earth science courses and occasionally help out with lower level math. I am currently in the military, I am getting my degree to head back to that community as a commissioned officer.


I am normally available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 12pm to 2pm Mon and Wed. Friday from 10:45am to 2pm. But other times may work. Message me.


North Carolina State University at Raleigh