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Coy L.

College Station, TX


Junior Double Major- Industrial Distribution & Mathematics. 3.12 GPA. Previous tutoring experience.

Howdy! I am a junior double-major in industrial distribution and mathematics. I have a 3.12 GPA and experience in sales, quotations, and merchandising through my internship at Bell & McCoy. Math is my favorite subject to tutor because I feel that I know how to get complex ideas across. I have previously privately tutored for Physics 218 as well as Algebra, Calculus, and Excel. I am very solid on my maths understanding because I have utilized them all throughout my experiences at Bell & McCoy. I am involved on campus as an engineering peer mentor for freshmen and an ambassador for college hopefuls. I have traveled every two months for the past year.


Free Fri-Sun and all day Monday.


Texas A & M University-College Station