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Ivan T.

Miami, FL


With over 4 years of experience tutoring STEM subjects, I have developed different approaches to tutoring.

I am a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. I have previously interned with Kimberly-Clark Corporation and Texas Instruments Inc. My tutoring and industry experience have led me to develop different approaches to solving problems in the scientific realm. I aspire to become a PhD candidate in the field of Materials Science and Engineering. I have been tutoring for 4+ years at a tutoring center in Miami. I have worked as a Process Development Engineer with baby child care products and also as a manufacturing engineer with semiconductors. Working from the organic to inorganic branches of chemistry and applying engineering principles, I have also become part of SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers). I am passionate about different languages and cultures, having acquired 7 languages in the past 8 years. In doing so, I have come across a wide spectrum of individuals with whom I’ve learned different perspectives and paradigms.


Hours upon request


University of Florida