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Stephanie D.

College Station, TX


Howdy! I am an Accounting Major, and I did very well in all the classes I tutor for and hope to help you succeed as well!

Hi! I’m classified as a Junior (but technically a sophomore), and I’m majoring in Accounting. I tutored some in high school, and I’m really looking forward to getting back to it. My gpa is a 3.5, and for all the classes I tutor, I did well in and hope to help you do the same. In addition, I still have old exams, notes, and reviews for the majority of my classes, so you can prepare for exams and catch up on any material you may have missed. I love college football and the San Antonio Spurs!


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after 4:10 and on Sundays anytime after 12:00


Texas A & M University-College Station