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George E.

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Tallahassee, FL


Offered to be a TA for Calc1, Physics 1&2, and Chem 1&2. Chose to TA for Calc 1, I did it for 1 year. Getting my PharmD.

I go to Pharmacy school, getting a PharmD. GPA 3.89. Been tutoring for 2 years, and TAed for 1 year. So I can breakdown concepts and make them easy and simple, I have experience enough to know what you need to ace your classes and help you do it. I TAed for Calculus 1 for a year and half. And I’ve been tutoring for 2 years. Teaching comes natural to me and I didn’t notice it till my professor saw me explaining things to my classmates and offered me to be his TA.


I’m available most weekdays in the afternoon and evenings, and almost anytime during the weekend.



Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Florida State University

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